EXPERT TIP: Are results from screening studies always correct?

The importance of loadability studies for the development of prep LC processes

Most phase screenings for preparative processes are carried out with analytical loading. The aim is to determine a stationary phase, which offers the best resolution. However, these results may not necessarily reflect the best stationary phase for preparative loading.

This expert tip shows why loadability studies are an important addition to achieve optimum productivity. Click here to learn more.

Whitepaper about method development strategies in preparative LC

he objectives for method developers in preparative LC are:
Purification and isolation of a target compound with a maximum sample amount in the shortest cycle time under cost pressure. Whereas isolation focuses on the scale up of mg- to g-units, the production scale needs to achieve up to kilograms or even tons.

The most comprehensive approach for method development in preparative LC is the so-called linear scale-up, which consist of:

  • Method development at analytical scale
  • Loadability studies on analytical scale
  • Scale-up to preparative process
  • Regulatory Affairs Support

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The image shows the whitepaper document. The whitepaper provides information about preparative LC method development using RP HPLC at analytical scale including loadability studies and scale-up to preparative scale.
Whitepaper for method development strategies for isolation and purification via preparative LC