YMC Pilot columns for flexible solutions

With YMC Pilot columns you get full flexibility based on the requirements of your application.

The major features of YMC Pilot Columns are:

  • Full resin compatibility
  • Perfect match for your application
  • Easy operation
  • Heating/cooling jacket available

Are you interested? Read more about YMC Pilot columns here.

Do you know: how the column hardware influences your cleaning efficiency!

How much packing material do I need?
How much solvent do I have to add to the slurry?
Do I need a packing adapter?

Find the answers quickly and easily using the YMC Glass and Pilot Column Packing Calculator.

Simply enter your requirements and you will automatically obtain all the relevant information you need for preparing your packed column.

Click here to go to the “YMC Glass and Pilot Column Packing Calculator”

Safety in the Laboratory: Column Positioning with ECO Column Stands!

For optimum positioning next to your system, YMC offers column stands for ECO glass columns.

Your advantages are:

  • Easy and tool-free attachment
  • Perfect alignment due to levelling feet
  • Durable and robust materials

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