Experimentally proven: Excellent alkaline CIP-stability of BioPro IEX!

Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) using 1 M NaOH is an important procedure in downstream processes as it effectively removes precipitants and sanitises the column. For an effective cleaning, the chromatographic column has to tolerate harsh alkaline conditions. To investigate the CIP-stability of BioPro IEX, studies using 1M NaOH have been performed.

The results clearly show: the IEX resins from YMC are fully compatible to typical CIP procedures using NaOH. The columns keep their excellent performance even after 100 CIP-cycles as shown in this application note.



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From initial capturing to final polishing: Many different types of biomolecules can easily be purified in a very efficient manner thanks to multiple advantages of YMC resins:

  • Excellent DBC even at high flow rates for highly productive processing
  • Low non-specific adsorption and high recovery
  • Completely compatible with alkaline CIP-procedures
  • Full compliances with GMP requirements

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