Online Presentation

Dr Mathias Hehn

Separation according to size and load

In this illustrative online presentation, Dr Mathias Hehn from YMC Europe GmbH discusses the separation of different substances according to size and charge using chromatography. First he explains in detail the so-called size exclusion chromatography (SEC). In this process, molecules are separated with or according to size difference. The second part of the presentation is about ion exchange chromatography (IEX). Here it is about the separation of molecules according to charge difference. Both methods have a wide range of applications.

Dr Mathias Hehn, YMC Europe GmbH, Dinslaken

Mathias Hehn studied chemistry at the Technical University of Dortmund and then completed his doctorate at the same place on the online coupling of various LC techniques with NMR spectroscopy. He continued this topic as a postdoc in collaboration with Stellenbosch University. At YMC, he has been Head of Laboratories since mid-2017 and is responsible for column screenings, method development on an analytical and preparative scale, packing of glass columns and training.