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Modern separation and detection methods in BioLC

For the characterisation and quantification of biologicals such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and proteins, different LC separation and detection techniques are used, which offer different advantages and information. Important for successful use are the requirements that need to be considered when combining the different LC and detection techniques.

In these OnDemand lectures you will receive both a comprehensive overview of the separation modes and detection techniques for BioLC, as well as how to implement them in practice. The application focus is on mAbs and proteins. Modern LC methods such as SEC, IEX, RP and HIC with corresponding state-of-the-art detection such as 1D and 2D LC/MS as well as MALLS (light scattering) will be covered. In addition, new and innovative approaches in coupling and detection will be presented.

The contributions will provide you with exciting insights into biopharmaceutical R&D with user-oriented contributions from different research areas. Of course, you will have the opportunity for live Q&A and also networking opportunities in discussion panels.

Your hosts at this seminar are users from biopharmaceutical R&D, as well as specialists in (U)HPLC separations and detectors.

Who is this OnDemand seminar interesting for?

Advanced users and beginners in BioLC.

What you will learn

  • Liquid chromatographic separation modes for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies, proteins and peptides
  • Information gain from modern spectroscopic and mass spectrometric detection techniques
  • Possibilities of direct or indirect detector coupling
  • Multidimensional liquid chromatography in bioanalysis
  • Insights into biopharmaceutical research and development

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