Pilot Scale Glass Columns

Reliable glass columns for pilot and production scale applications

Pilot Scale Glass Columns

For pilot scale applications, two different column lines are available with

  • inner diameters from 70 mm to 300 mm and
  • lengths from 500 mm to 850 mm.

YMC Pilot glass columns are designed for use in pilot and production scale applications.

They are applicable for all common applications in liquid chromatography including normal phase, reversed phase or BioLC. YMC PilotPLUS glass columns are completely biocompatible and characterised by safe and easy handling. Packing, operating and unpacking the column are all smooth procedures due to a number of significant advantages.

YMC Pilot Glass Columns

Inner diameters: 100, 140, 200, 300 mm

Column lengths: 500, 850 mm


  • Customisation possible
  • Excellent packing results and column performance
  • Easy operation and fast maintenance

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YMC PilotPLUS Glass Columns

Inner diameters: 70, 100, 140, 200 mm

Column lenghts: 500, 850 mm


  • Bubble-free column packing due to the drain function
  • Easy unpacking with removable column body
  • 100% biocompatible

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