YMC at analytica 2022

Meet us at our booth!

analytica 2022 will take place in Munich from June 21–24! YMC is looking forward to this opportunity to discuss your LC topics with you.

Where you can find us:

Hall A1, Booth 406

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New product highlights at the YMC booth:

Robust (U)HPLC columns for biomolecules

  • NEW: even more bioinert hardware options for secured recovery
  • RP (widepore) columns with superior stability for proteins/mAbs
  • SEC columns for high resolved mAbs and proteins
  • IEX columns for high resolution mAb and oligo analysis
  • HIC columns with exceptional efficiency for ADCs and mAbs

Reliable and reproducible (U)HPLC columns: YMC-Triart

  • 8 different modifications covering virtually every compound
  • Full flexibility with pH 1-12 and temperatures up to 90°C
  • Absolutly reliable thanks to suprior lot-to-lot reproduciblity
  • Particle sizes from 1.9 to 20 µm with 100% same selectivity
  • For nano/microLC, (U)HPLC incl. 1 mm ID, bioinert, (semi)prep.

Reliable and efficient glass columns from lab to pilot scale

  • ECO: Glass columns for low to medium pressure applications
  • ECOPLUS:  Glass columns for medium to high pressure applications
  • YMC PilotPLUS: The new standard for pilot scale BioLC applications
  • YMC Pilot: The flexible line for pilot scale applications